GL Exam: Know the exam and the preparation

About the exam
The GL exam is administered by the Granada Foundation after it acquired the National Education Foundation for Education Research (NEFR) in 2007. A GL exam assesses the candidate’s level of competency in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Grammar schools across the UK use a combination of these subjects for assessment in line with their policies.
Understanding the Exam pattern
An average of 45 minutes is taken to complete a section in most GL exams. Though the length of the paper varies yearly, the test assessment is restricted to subjects. Examinees can take up individual subject tests of the GL exam. GL exams are offered in the Standard format, where examinees write the answer next to the question, and in the Multiple-Choice Format, students are provided with an answer book to mark their answers. Although the questions are mostly asked in a multiple-choice format, examinees are assessed in Verbal Reasoning and Maths with the help of a written answer scheme.

How 11 plus exam papers can help
Candidates can test their level of competency by taking five mock GL Papers offered by 11 plus exam papers. Candidates get to choose from each mock GL paper how they would like to assess themselves: for the whole exam, section wise or topic wise. Almost 34 subjects spread across English, Maths, Verbal and non-Verbal Reasoning are covered in the mock GL papers. Each GL paper from reflects the feedback on the questions, the format they are asked in, and the difficulty in answering them from preceding years. These papers provide a real-time experience of the exam for the examinee. Detailed feedback for each question and correct answers with explanation are provided at the end of each test, and the examinee can track his or her progress in the subsequent tests. The examinee is provided with the percentage of students who answered each question correctly, allowing him or her to gauge where he or she stands compared to fellow examinees. Mock papers provide good practice for examinees and instil a sense of confidence and satisfaction in the examinee about their level of preparation.
Response for Mock papers from 11 plus exam papers
The mock papers from 11 plus exam papers are well received by examinees and parents. Parents who have given 11 plus exam papers to their children have applauded the aptness of the questions asked in the mock GL papers and how their children could easily manage their exams online. Examinees appreciate how they could find out their areas that need improvement early on and the availability of tests on particular topics. Exam papers like the mock GL paper from 11 plus exam papers test the examinee with questions of increasing levels of difficulty to allow students to test the extent of their intellectual ability. By doing so, a student also gets to prepare for the second stage of exams.

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